July 22, 2016

Details and Picutres (mostly pictures) recounting our completion of the Fimmvörðuháls hike on June 20, 2016.

The journey starts on Sunday, June 19th, where Mark, Lisa, Ellen and Dickey wait at the airport for Badger's flight from the German Tough Mudder he had run the day before. The flight is delayed, but we don't mind; we're enjoying our coffees and bumping to the EDM at Joe and the Juice. Finally Badger arrives, but well after he should have joined us in the coffee shop, there's no sign of him. Then we get the dreaded text: "They can't find my bag....". In no time, we've got the backup plan figured: Dickey will sleep in Mark & Lisa's tent since it sleeps three, and Badger and Ellen will sleep in Dickey's tent. Badger is probably wearing his hiking clothes, so we're good there. He and Ellen can share a sleeping pad but he probably has to buy a new sleeping bag (he was going to anyway!) I really hope he's wearing his hiking boots, we'll never find 12 EEE off the rack in Iceland... when...

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