January 27, 2017

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OK, where were we? Ah yes, the four of us had finally reached the upper plateau on the East Rim Trail. It was so much cooler up there. It was downright pleasant. It really had the feel of a different place altogether. The vegetation was quite different, and the view was too. There wasn't anything to see if you looked up anymore.

 Jeff took a video while waiting for some of use to catch up. Here it's also spliced together with another from Sunday.

When we reached the next fork in the trail we split up. Ellen and I continued on toward Cable Mountain to find a good campsite. Jeff and Zach took a detour to check out Stave Spring. At the Visitor's Center the day before they weren't able to tell us if the spring was dry or running; they didn't know but they were skeptical. But we had used up a whole lot of our drinking water already. It was going be a little scary if there was no way to get more. So what was the verdict?

 Yes! It wasn't coming out fast but...

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